Monday, January 12, 2015

भाई ये तो जबर हो गया.… मतलब एकदम जबर.… What if everything's awesome?

There is that one scenery, picture, painting, one view with which we can all relate to. For some it’s the sunset, over the ocean, behind the mountains, even behind the lines of towering sky scrappers. All pink and reddish, in the last rays of the day.
It could be a waterfall for some. Foaming and frothing at the mouth, spraying millions of droplets, into the air, which kiss your face and dissolve away into nothingness.
There is that one scene which makes us stop in our paths and say "Man, that was awesome....!".

Now imagine a local native from the same place. From the same area you found mesmerising. Would it hold the same beauty in his eyes? I doubt it. He can see the same view daily and the beauty could be lost on him.
My first flight, it was an experience. I was fascinated by everything. The airport, the security, even the flight announcement. By the way, then I was Flying the good times, Kingfisher. There used to be a lot to be excited about it back then. Later it all became a routine, I could sleep walk my way to catching a flight. It had stopped being an experience. It wasn’t anymore awesome enough that no one knew how the plane flew, it just took me from one place to another. Bernoulli will not be happy right now.

What I do want to say is, that every moment is awesome in itself. By just happening. It’s awesome to be able to see, write and publish such shit, people go to internet to read it, feel a sense of awesomeness piling into themselves. As matter of routine we have forgotten how to collect experiences. Stealing moments from everything happening around us. There is a long chain of events, that can be actually, completely, traced back to the big bang. Right from this moment when you are reading this line and thinking what the crap?
Maybe we have lost oodles of data in between, we may have too many missing links, the theory of evolution is at best a theory, but still we have come a long way from atoms and molecules. Darwin would kill me by now. But then who knows what we were before that?

Even if we just rewind some steps back to today morning, its surprising that some us did not trip over the rug on the bedside and fell face forward just when you thought what a cold beautiful morning it was. That would have happened to someone at-least considering there are 7 billion of us roaming around, all ready to lay their lives at a moments notice.

Our lives are a string of experiences, all good and bad. These are judged for what they are, under the light of our expectations from the outcome of experiences. But each of these experiences are made up of further smaller particles. Small, infinitesimally small, indivisible moments. If we take out some time, from running after experiences, running into the next experience, without appreciating the first one, someday we may slow down enough to observe our lives. In each of its moments, its fun, miraculous, fantastic and awesome. Maybe that is what it mean to be alive then. Rest is just living.

There are a lot experiences etched into our memories, not just because they were awesome at that  moment in time, but they take us back to that same time and feelings.
The moment when you learnt to ride a bicycle, all alone. The first time you said I love you to someone not a part of your family, then repeated to everyone you met for more than a couple of hours. Some people live their lives without ever hearing it even once, ask raj and simran from DDLJ. In their complete running time on then celluloid, they never once heard it from each other.
Have you seen a flower blooming? Unless of course it was from the trending Time-Lapse videos, it takes some time, maybe days, I haven’t seen one, so I am guessing to cover my knowledge here. But it would be one of the awesome moments.

We are always charmed by what we think is a singularity. A one time event. If it were to happen everyday, we would lose interest in it. It would not longer be awesome, spectacular. That is what happens to us in our day to day lives too. But there is a way out. Slow down a bit. The next time you are commuting from work, ride slow, drive slow, look around, you may get to see something that was always there, but you never noticed before.
Similarly slowdown in your lives too. Try and live a moment. You can always keep running later. I never do personally, I am allergic to personal fitness.
But either you can run and reach predetermined goals, milestones in life, look back at them as achievements, or you can enjoy the awesome journey that life is, and bask in its glory.

Whatever that makes you feel awesome, deep down within you.